Please read and note the details below and also read our guarantee conditions. If you have any queries please ask a member of staff for assistance, or, if your vehicle is being collected by transporter, please telephone 0207 112 9125.

Hours of business

Mon – Fri: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (excluding public & bank hols)

Saturday: 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.


Methods of payment

Bank transfer
Bank or Building Society Draft (requires 7 working days to clear) Personal cheque (require 7 working days clear) Please make cheque and drafts payable to (ZF Engineering LTD).

General information

Prior to bringing your vehicle to us, or before collection by transporter, would you please remove all items of value from the vehicle as we will not accept responsibility for any items lost or damaged.

Alarms:- Please ensure that you give us the manual switch-off key to your car alarm and any remote control device.

Radios:- If your radio is of the "coded" type, please make sure you know the code, as this will be lost when the battery is disconnected during gearbox replacement.

GEARBOX Nos: - Your original gearbox number must be clearly legible on the gearbox case, if it has been tampered with, or cannot be easily read, we regret that we will not be able to accept your gearbox for exchange purposes and an appropriate surcharge will be applied.

Engine Management Systems:- In some cases it may be necessary for fault codes, stored in the engine management memory, to be cleared using specialist equipment. This service is available for most vehicles at additional cost.

Air Conditioning:- In some cases, the gas in the air conditioning system may be lost during Gearbox replacement and will require refill at additional cost.

The supplied Gearbox is a "bare unit" and consists of all internal components, and may be re - built or second-hand at the company's discretion. If a suitable unit is not available from stock, we may, at our discretion, rebuild your original Gearbox.

Ancillary components are supplied at additional cost or where opted supplied by the customer (these components shall be fitted at additional cost).

Once your original Gearbox has been removed, it will be dismantled and assessed for serviceability. The main components of your original Gearbox, namely the casing, shafts, diff and selectors, must be in a condition whereby they may be re - used by the company. If any of these components cannot be re–used additional cost shall apply for replacement components. We will contact you and advise the appropriate additional cost before proceeding further. In addition, our technicians will also assess, where possible, the condition of the ancillary components that are to be transferred from your original Gearbox to the replacement.

Should there be any items that we recommend for replacement, you will be contacted for authorization before proceeding. It is therefore imperative that we are able to contact you at all times and would appreciate your home, mobile and work telephone numbers along with relevant e-mail addresses.

If ancillary components are found to be substandard or operationally inefficient these items may be replaced at additional cost or at the customers discretion, the customer may supply their own components of which shall be inspected by the company (at a reasonable charge for serviceability to the best of our ability whilst taking into account some components supplied may only be able to inspect to certain degree) before installation. Where an occasion arises when a customer has supplied his own components a form shall have to be completed by the customer for parts delivered, the customer shall take responsibility to ensure the components are correct before deliver is undertaken by the company. The company shall offer no warranty for parts supplied by the customer and shall accept no liability where customer supplied substandard parts are installed and cause damage to the Gearbox.

The Company will contact the customer before proceeding. Where these parts are either, not available from stock, or replacement is declined by the customer, then recommendations may be made for these parts to be replaced by the customer at the earliest opportunity.

The Company reserves the right to either limit, or void the guarantee on the Gearbox dependent upon the nature and severity of the fault.

The Company supplies Gearboxes on an exchange basis and all rights and title to the customer's original Gearbox are passed to the Company. Where any ancillary components are replaced, and a service exchange arrangement applies, all rights and title to the items removed pass to the Company.

The re-manufacturing, specifications, and applications of the supplied Gearbox, should not be compared to any other data specified or available from the original manufacturers. The Company re-manufactures to its own specifications.

In cases where a suitable unit may not be available from stock, the Company may, at our discretion, remanufacture the customer's original unit. This will be termed and treated as an exchange unit for the purposes of the guarantee.

The Company has found from experience that certain components and parts of a gearbox have wider applications than that specified by the original manufacturers, and therefore, identification marks or numbers on the original unit cannot be necessarily compared or used as reference for performance, suitability and application, for any purpose originally intended.

If we are unable to contact you, this will delay completion of works. When works are agreed, we will advise you of the total amount payable. 50% payment must be made at this time, prior to completion of work.

Should an occasion arise under the following circumstances:

Vehicle is not collected within 7 days of completion of works or invoice not be settled in full and (where opted), relevant parts not supplied by customer within 5 days post mechanics inspection.

The Company will store the vehicle without liability to the Company until the vehicle is collected and/or payment made in full. Should this occasion arise "storage" shall be added to the final invoice and charged daily at £10.00 + VAT. Where necessary an invoice shall also be raised and pursued, with a "letter of storage" to be sent to the cost of £30.00 + VAT, reiterating these charge's. If vehicle has not been collected within 3 month from the date of completion of works or post mechanics report, the Company reserves the right to dispose of the vehicle in compliance with Torts (Interference Of Goods) Act 1977 without prejudice to its right to claim compensation for both work carried out and any storage charges.

The time period quoted for completion of works is approximate and does not take account of any delays. Whilst it is of mutual interest to complete works at the earliest, NO LIABILITY IS ACCEPTED BY THE COMPANY for any such delay.

If for any reason, work is no longer required and on customers request is not completed, the Company will charge a reasonable amount for the work actually carried out. The charge for labour shall be at an hourly rate of £60.00 +VAT per hour as per Autodata for the complete removal of the Gearbox and dismantling of the ancillary components. Recovery costs incurred shall also be charged for (this includes any free of charge collection as these prices are subsidized and based on the proceedings of commissioned work. If such an occasion should arise where as, a free of charge recovery has been quoted and only part works have been completed, all recoveries will then be quoted at normal rates (£2.00+VAT per mile as of AA route finder and a minimum charge of £70.00 +VAT.) . The gearbox and parts removed will be placed in the boot of the vehicle, and will not be re-installed in the vehicle. Should you require the vehicle delivered back to you, this facility is available at additional cost.

All supplied Gearboxes will require "running in". The "running in" procedures are supplied on a separate sheet attached to your invoice. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Prior to bringing your vehicle to us, or before collection by transporter, would you please remove all items of value from the vehicle and ensure vehicle is insured as we will not accept responsibility for any items lost or damaged.

Gearbox Service Charges:

  Up to 1985cc. 1985cc.to 2479cc Over2480cc
500 mls.service   £55.00 + parts + VAT. £ 70.00 + parts + VAT £90.00 + parts + VAT
6000 mls.service £90.00 + parts + VAT.   £115.00 + parts + VAT.  £145.00 + parts + VAT


 Please Note: All gearbox services must be carried out by (ZF Engineering LTD) in order to maintain your guarantee.

Gearbox Guarantee: All Gearboxes supplied come with the following comprehensive guarantees:

Fitted Gearbox

Gearboxes supplied and fitted in our workshops benefit from a 24,000 mile or 2 year warranty, whichever comes first.

Supply only

Gearboxes supplied by us but fitted elsewhere come with a 12,000 mile or 12 month warranty, whichever comes first.

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